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Lens Tilt & Wrap Compensation

Fill in the input fields and then press the Calculate button in order to compute the approximate prescription necessary to compensate for the effects of pantoscopic tilt and facial wrap. Note that these fields represent the tilt of the actual lens relative to the line of sight, not the tilt of the frame. Lens tilt may be affected by factors such as decentration and Base curve. This page is for educational purposes only, and in no way represents the advice of a licensed professional.

Lens Tilt & Wrap Compensation Form

Right or Left Eye?
Desired Sphere Power (D)?
Desired Cylinder Power (D)?
Desired Cylinder Axis (°)?
Pantoscopic Tilt (°)?
Facial Wrap (°)?
Lens Material Type?
Prescription to Order (D):
0.00 DS  0.00 DC × 180